Dr. Judith Kravitz

Workshop Leader

Dr. Judith Kravitz

Creator of Transformational Breath®, Founder of the Transformational Breath Fdn, Dr. Judith Kravitz is an ordained minister, Doctor of Metaphysics, and author of the book, "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly". She has helped hundreds of thousands of people in group and individual sessions, and trained thousands of Breath Facilitators and Trainers in 53 countries. In addition to her primary focus, Transformational Breath®, she has facilitated 'A Course in Miracles' groups, Inner Sensitivity classes, Children’s Yoga, and Women's Empowerment Groups.

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The Gathering Room


Aug 31 2020


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Judith Kravitz: Breath Discovery Camp ™

2020 has been the year of respiratory illness and activated and suppressed emotions. Our breathing is so vital for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The Transformational Breath Foundation is excited to offer an Online 10-week program called Breath Discovery Camp™. This course will guide you step by step, using specific techniques developed and taught all over the world for the past 45 years.

Begin by removing restrictive breathing patterns, which leads to having a more open-flowing-full-diaphragmatic breath. A key benefit from diaphragmatic breathing is that it strengthens our immune system, and by using the correct muscles to breathe, we can help relieve tension and emotional stress.

If ever there was a time to have good respiration and a strong immune system, it would be now!

Discover how your breathing can Transform your life, and join us NOW on this amazing journey with Breath Discovery Camp™. Register now to receive a 30% DISCOUNT with the code: PRESALEBDC