Kim Rosen

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Kim Rosen

Kim Rosen, M.F.A., author of "Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words" (Hay House, 2009) has awakened listeners around the world to the power of poetry to heal and transform individuals and communities. She is a poet, spoken word artist, ritualist and teacher of inner work centering on the power of poetry as a pathway to radical authenticity and self-revelation. Founder of the Poetry Depths Mystery School, and Soul School, she is the co-creator of four CDs of poetry and music and her writing has been published in The Sun Magazine, O Magazine, and Spirituality and Health among others. In 2007 she spoke a poem to a group of Maasai girls in Kenya who had fled FGM and Early Childhood Marriage, and that moment became the seed of the Safe House Education (S.H.E.) Fund.

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The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room


May 28 2021


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8:00 pm - 11:30 pm



Kim Rosen: The Virtual Poetry Dive, with Music, Movement, Writing and Sharing

Check out Kim Rosen’s upcoming program: Soul School: An Immersion in the Depths of Who You Are.

This adventure is an immersion in poems, music, movement and silence designed to liberate the flow of our feelings and free our unique expression — through written words, voice, body and/or silence. In a circle committed to authenticity, risk-taking and self-honesty, inhibitions fall and all aspects of being, from the darkest to the brightest, are welcomed.

Poetry is the language of intimacy with self and others. It can invite us to strip our masks and give naked voice to what is deepest within us. Hearing and/or speaking it aloud can literally change brain chemistry and thus dissolve painful patterns of thought, feeling, and physiology, aligning us with what is innocent, intimate, and holy within. This invariably ripples out to touch and transform the world around us.

Kim has innovated unique techniques of working with the Zoom video platform to create a lush immersion in music, poetry, movement, and connection. This is not 3.5 hours entrained to your device. It is an inner journey that will intentionally disrupt your ‘screen time’ because the primary focus is deep listening within.

Join us for this adventure into the unexpected intimacy, connection and authenticity possible through the miracle of Zoom in alchemy with music, the poetry of the inner life, dancing, writing, sharing — all held in a strong vessel ceremony and shared intention…

The workshop begins with a meditation and opening ceremony… This is followed by a “Poetry Dive” which is a format Kim has created that moves from movement to an immersion in poems spoken by Kim with powerful music, designed to allow you to lie back in the shamanic medicine of word and rhythm and allow your inner life to rise to the surface. The experience continues with spontaneous writing. This is followed by optional sharing in the group.

The focus is more on the soul’s unfoldment than on poetry per se.

There will be a 10 minute “go outside and breathe” break in the middle of the program.

Note about what this is not: This is not 3.5 hours entrained to your device. It is primarily an audio journey, that will intentionally disrupt your ‘screen time’, because the primary focus is deep listening within.

Investment:  $50 comfortable / $40 full / $30 concession. All profits donated to the S.H.E Fund – see “For More Info and to Register” for more details. Scholarships available – please contact for details.