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Polly Young-Eisendrath

Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst, psychologist, and psychotherapist in private practice. She is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont and the founder and director of the Institute for Dialogue Therapy. She is past president of the Vermont Association for Psychoanalytic Studies and a founding member of the Vermont Institute for the Psychotherapies. Polly is also the chairperson of Enlightening Conversations, a series of conversational conferences which bring together participants from the front lines of Buddhism and psychoanalysis. She is the author or editor of eighteen books, ranging from parenting, adult development, intimate and parental love, Buddhist theory, Jungian psychology to women’s development, couple therapy, couple development, and various paths to awakening/enlightenment from meditation to personal love. These books have been translated into more than twenty languages. Her most recent works are "The Self-Esteem Trap: Raising Confident and Compassionate Kids in an Age of Self-Importance" and "Love Between Equals: Relationship as a Spiritual Path". Dr. Young-Eisendrath is a lifelong Buddhist practitioner in Zen, Tibetan, and Vipassana lineages and brings decades of leadership in mindfulness practice within the Buddhist context as well as integrated into her clinical work.

The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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Jun 01 2020


4:00 pm



Polly Young-Eisendrath: The Human Self is Interactive: What Does that Mean?

This is the third webinar in the weekly series “Making Contact: A Series of Conversations with Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.”

Bringing mindfulness into our relationships, especially in times of emotional distress, will allow you to make contact with yourself and others in a whole new way. Each week, Polly will give a short introduction to the topic and then give you a chance to go into depth about your own concerns on these topics that are so important in our lives right now.