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Molly Peacock

Molly Peacock is the author of seven books of poetry, including "The Analyst", "The Second Blush", and "Cornucopia: New & Selected Poems". Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Nation, The New Republic, The Paris Review, and other leading literary journals. She is also the author of several books of prose and a memoir, "Paradise, Piece by Piece". In Canada Molly is the series editor for The Best Canadian Poetry in English, and the Poetry Editor of the Literary Review of Canada. Molly’s most recent book "Flower Diary: Mary Hiester Reid Paints, Travels, Marries & Opens a Door" is a biography that uncovers the history of neglected painter Mary Hiester Reid, a trailblazing artist who refused to choose between a marriage and a career.

The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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May 23 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Molly Peacock: Snap! : A Poetry Masterclass

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Are you a poet, experienced or teetering on the brink, looking for the perfect container for a now-or-never moment in your life, the kind where you either get it down on paper or you don’t? The goal of this webinar is not so much to compose a drop-dead sonnet as it is to learn a technique that will nourish your writing forever after. 

In her three hours with you, beloved poet and author Molly Peacock will introduce you to the power of the Snap Sonnet! Snap Sonnets crystallize how poets seize that now-or-never challenge and drive it into fourteen lines with a turn—melding a classic formula and a cutting-edge contemporary mindset. You will examine a traditional sonnet and a modern sonnet, and then she’ll offer individualized writing prompts—the Snap—for all who desire one. The first half of this masterclass is devoted to technique. The second half works more like a painting studio where you will draft sonnets that you can share with the group if you want. Altogether, you will end the day with new tools, inspiration, and encouragement, whatever your level or experience. You are in great hands with Molly. For her, the attempt is the success.