Panelists: Meredith Keith-Chirch, Brooklyn Wetzel, Lou Hollis-Wilkerson, Melissa Bingham, and Naomi Fisher

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Panelists: Meredith Keith-Chirch, Brooklyn Wetzel, Lou Hollis-Wilkerson, Melissa Bingham, and Naomi Fisher
The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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Sep 09 2020


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



Navigating the Home Education Adventure

Join this panel of home education, unschooling mamas who are here to support you, answer your questions, and share their diverse experiences. 

Are you thinking about or just starting out with home education and/or unschooling and want to know more about what it looks like for different families? Are you finding some struggle in balancing family life, work, and supporting your children? Do you have questions that have come up regarding home education or unschooling that you would like to ask people who have been experiencing, living, and practicing this for years? This is your chance to ask your questions and learn more about how homeschooling and unschooling can serve your child and help build community, virtually and globally.

The Q&A session will be facilitated by Bria Bloom.


MEREDITH KEITH-CHIRCH supports her daughter in her self-directed life, and is passionate about being an advocate for the SDE movement, particularly the POC in SDE (people of color in self-directed education) movement. Meredith enjoys spending time on multiple projects related to her varying roles, including those of dancer, vocalist, musician, self- directed learning advocate, and health educator. She’s part of a low-tech, car-free, school-free, conscious living minimalist family who tends to follow what will make them happy in life, whether it be with big decisions or day-to-day ones.

BROOKLYN WETZEL is a grown unschooler. From a young age, she rejected institutional schooling and sought her own path in music promotion, art, and small business. Over the last 5 years, she has facilitated at a democratic school, ran a photo booth business and worked at an Indigenous language game start-up in rural Montana. She is currently a facilitator at The Hub micro academy. Brooklyn has one child who likes animation, science and video games and one child who is a digital and traditional artist. Both are radically unschooled.

LOU HOLLIS-WILKERSON: As a widowed entrepreneurial unschooling parent, grief unschooled this homeschooling mama into the self-directed unschooling journey. Lou creatively manages a 25 plus year career as a model/actor/talent/youth advocate, as well as managing the careers of two of her three children as talent in the entertainment industry. Lou shares her healing journey as she overcomes grief, depression, anxiety and traumas through the new podcast Grief, Growth & Goals.

MELISSA BINGHAM is a mom of a two-year-old, Carter, and a sixteen-year-old, Avahrie, who has been on an unschooling journey for almost two years. Her passion to pursue unschooling with her family stemmed from her own childhood experience of being homeschooled. Melissa looks forward to her own deschooling journey as she partners with the youth in her community to help them achieve critical life skills including emotional stability, self-reliance, and confidence in their natural talents.

NAOMI FISHER is a mother of two who lives in London, England. She unschooled her children from 2012-2018, and they now attend a democratic school in Paris. She is a clinical psychologist, and she has special interests in trauma, parenting, and autism. She is a freelance writer and is currently writing a book on the psychology of self-directed learning.