Ben Seaman

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Ben Seaman

Ben Seaman is a psychotherapist and visual artist based in New York City. He was co-director of the Rowe Labor Day Retreat for Men Who Love Men for 12 years and served as an adjunct lecturer on racism and oppression at the NYU School of Social Work. In 2020 Ben hosted a series of discussion groups on helping white people talk about race, sponsored by Spoke Circles, and is now bringing the discussion to the queer community.

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Karl Stewart
Karl Stewart
The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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Oct 21 2020


8:00 pm



Rowe Labor Day Presents – Visioning Session for Antiracism and Queer People

Within the week after this program, the recording will be posted under the presenter’s name on the Recorded Programs page.

This month’s discussion group will start with an exercise to help people orient themselves on a scale of racial consciousness, leading into a discussion of action steps for antiracism, and self-care, in daily life and for the Rowe Labor Day community.

Benjamin Seaman is former co-director of the Rowe Labor Day weekend and is a psychotherapist in the New York City tristate area and a practicing visual artist. Ben has been interested in how people can be their best selves from childhood, growing up in a WASP family where everyone had feelings but no one knew how to talk about them. Ben’s practice includes LGBT, couples, people struggling with substance misuse, creatives and startup professionals.

Karl Stewart is a Jamaican American human resources expert who has worked at numerous leading companies such as Buzzworthy, Noteworthy and others. Inclusion and diversity are just one of many areas of expertise he brings to human relations. A long time attendee of the Rowe Labor Day weekend, he is well-versed in the power of community to heal and bring people into their best selves and he is delighted to create a conversation on inclusion for future Rowe Labor Day generations.