Sara and Thomas Stout

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Sara and Thomas Stout

Sara and Thomas Stout, certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers and faculty members of Ecstatic Living® Institute, teach seminars in sacred sexuality and conscious relationship in California, the East Coast, and Minnesota. Married for over 25 years, Sara and Thomas bring great warmth, insight, and humor into their workshops. For over two decades, while balancing their lives as parents and working professionals with backgrounds in psychotherapy and bodywork, Sara and Thomas have cultivated what they call “the art of intimate relating,” which they beautifully demonstrate through their workshops. They are also never-ending students of meditation, yoga, sexuality, and interpersonal dynamics.

The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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May 17 2020


4:00 pm



Sara and Thomas Stout: Pleasurable Tantric Survival Tools

You possess incredible resilience, spirit, and a power to relax and find pleasure. In this ninety minute webinar, you will learn simple practices to support yourself through challenging times wherever you are. You will learn how to access self-regulating tools that can calm or excite you, instead of feeling swept away by fear or stress. Sara and Thomas are experienced Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers. They will teach you how to calm yourself, connect for support, and engage your pleasure receptors. It’s easier than you think.

Sign up for Sara and Thomas’ workshops Ecstatic Touch™ Level 1: The Art of Pleasure and Ecstatic Touch™ Level 2: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy scheduled for December 4-6 and 6-8. Dedicate a weekend to bliss, sensuality, and ecstasy through the Tantric art of ecstatic touch!