Ian MacKenzie

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Ian MacKenzie

Over the last 15+ years, Ian has used a variety of media (film, writing, photography, podcasting) to amplify seedlings of emergent culture, from the desert of Burning Man to the heart of Occupy Wall St. His work spans the themes of activism, culture, and relationships, and emergence, as facets to understanding the question: how humanity might reach a thriving future? Among his films are Sacred Economics, Amplify Her, and Lost Nation Road. Ian’s recent work includes The Mythic Masculine podcast exploring masculinity and A Gathering of Stories, a live series bringing together renowned storytellers, musicians and poets from around the world, providing new insight and perspectives on the most vital themes of our time. The latest series, The Pandemic is a Prism, aims to offer a mythopoetic bridge between divided worldviews.

The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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Feb 06 - 07 2021


9:00 am - 5:30 pm



Tending The Soul of the Masculine: A Gathering of Stories

A two-day storytelling festival, conducted over livestream, bringing together renowned storytellers, musicians and poets from around the world, providing new insight and perspectives for tending the soul of the masculine.

Watch the introduction for this weekend program, and check out Defining the Sacred Role of Men- Patrick Farnsworth Interviews Ian MacKenzie.

Many would say the Masculine has been ill for some time. Whether we speak of men, or the inner Masculine within us all – many are struggling under violence, depression and addiction, or lost in toxic power games and perpetuating ecological collapse.  

In the era of #metoo and the scales of social justice tipping toward a much-needed reckoning, there seem to be few pathways towards a Masculine that is powerful, nurturing, and connected. Perhaps we might look to the old stories for guidance, to shine light anew on modern challenges and illuminate how we might yet become? 

This inaugural Gathering of Stories is aimed at shining a beacon of possibility and magic, at a time when the mythic imagination must play a vital role once again. 

Each day will weave a tapestry of story, punctuated by musical performances and spoken word artists. After each story, the audience will be invited to dive deeper with a shared conversation with the teller, connecting around the themes, insights, and characters that naturally spill forth from this old time magic. 

This is not another massive conference where it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the content. This a carefully orchestrated experience delivered over livestream, that will make it feel as close as possible to an in-person event. For the event, you will have access to an Audience-Only area with the livestream player embedded, which is where you’ll watch the stories and performances. After each story, you can join via a private Zoom link to have a discussion with the storyteller. 

STORYTELLERS: Bayo Akomolafe, Sharon Blackie, Michael Meade, Jan Blake, Pat McCabe, Andreas Kornevall

MUSICIANS + POETS: Murray Kyle, Boe Huntress, Tom Hirons, Zamir Dhanji, Alan Cooke, Olenka Toroshenko, Deus Fortier