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Claude Stein

Multi-platinum vocal producer Claude Stein has worked with recording artists on M.C.A., Atlantic, Virgin, Polygram, Sony, Warner Brothers, and R.C.A. He’s coached at the Juilliard School, NYU’s Center for Music Therapy, Massachusetts General Hospital, Esalen and Omega Institutes, the NY Actors Institute, and the NY Open Center. His corporate program, VoiceLeader, has been offered at Sprint, J.P. Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, the Center for Professional Excellence, and the Institute for Authentic Leadership. Thousands of people around the world have learned to sing in his workshops, and we hope you will too.

The Gathering Room


The Gathering Room

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Dec 05 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



ONLINE: The Natural Singer: Find Your True Voice: An Afternoon Lesson with Claude Stein

The Natural Singer: Find Your True Voice An Afternoon Lesson with Claude Stein


Check out Claude Stein’s upcoming program, Natural Singing: A Five Part Course, and his article, How One Man Found His True Voice.

Every human being is born with a remarkable musical instrument — the human voice — yet few of us know how to take full advantage of its awesome power. We all have the capacity to cultivate a singing voice that uplifts our souls and heals, but some of us feel afraid or embarrassed: “not good enough,” or we fear our true heart-song will attract attention. Let it!

In 27 years of teaching, Claude Stein has never met anyone who was “tone-deaf,” nor has he met a professional who didn’t have issues around his or her voice. Claude has developed an intuitive process for entering the music that offers breakthroughs for everyone. We can all be taught to sing with a clearer tone, greater accuracy, better rhythm, and unfettered joy. With supportive coaching, we can overcome self-criticism and let our voices flow freely. In this 3 hour introduction to his method, he will show you how you can find your voice too.

In January, Claude will offer online Natural Singing: A Five Part Course limited to 20 participants who will experience a deeper immersion into his method with plenty of time for individual attention.