Future Humans- A Conversation on Human Capacity Between Jean Houston and Marianne Williamson



Jean Houston, Ph.D. is an innovative scholar, futurist, and researcher in human capacities, social change, and systemic transformation. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She has been a key player in the empowerment of women around the world, and was awarded the Synergy Superstar Award 2020 by the Source of Synergy Foundation for her exemplary work inspiring us to source our highest human capacities.She has worked intensively in over 40 cultures, lectured in over 100 countries, and worked with major organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and NASA, as well as helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness. Jean is Chancellor of Meridian University and co-author of the forthcoming book series Future Humans Trilogy with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman.  



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