The Importance of Deep Listening- Ann Randolph

When the pandemic began in 2020, I took to the tub. Not only as a refuge, but as a creative play space. I don’t know about you, but I often get my best ideas in the tub. Because of the pandemic, my gigs performing in theaters stopped immediately and I needed a new stage. The tub became my personal porcelain black box theater. I hired a cameraman, a bubble maker and began making short vids. I found a new way to express myself creatively in the midst of immense uncertainty.  

In the video above, I wanted to explore the cultural divide with humor. I’m passionate about people from all different religious, sexual, and political beliefs listening to one another with compassion. I have traveled between rural Ohio and Los Angeles for most of my adult life. I love listening to people’s stories and understanding how our landscape impacts the way we see the world. Listening to one another is the greatest gift we can give to one another. Enjoy!




Ann is an award-winning writer and performer. Her current solo show, Inappropriate in All the Right Ways, has been described by The Huffington Post as “a show like no other.” Her show, Loveland, played for two years straight in San Francisco where it won the SF Weekly Award for Best Solo Show and garnered the SF Bay Critic’s Award for Best Original Script. Loveland also played to sold out audiences in LA and won the LA Weekly award for Best Solo Show.

Ann’s solo show, Squeeze Box, was produced by Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft and enjoyed a successful off-Broadway run before touring the United States and headlining at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Squeeze Box garnered both the Los Angeles Ovation Award and the LA Weekly Award for Best Solo Show.

Anne’s other solo works include Down Home, Shelter, and Miss America for which she won the LA Weekly Award for Best Solo Performer. A favorite spoken word artist, Ann is a Moth StorySLAM winner and has been a regular on LA’s long running spoken word series including Tasty Words, SPARK and Gorgeous Stories. Her personal essays and interviews have been featured on NPR, PBS and the BBC.

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