Tracking the Wilds of Geometry- George Leoniak

As a wildlife tracker, I honed observation skills to detect slight disturbances in natural settings. Many of these tracks and signs are easily missed as they blend into a background of what often appears, to an untrained eye, an entangled pattern of twigs, leaves, needles and textured soils. Yet, over time the eyes and the rest of the senses learn to read the terrain and discover mysteries that are hidden in the chaos. Some of these mysteries are often in plain sight. I’d often think, how could I have missed that after all these years? 

Throughout my decades of teaching and mentoring other wildlife trackers, I realized I was developing a descriptive pattern language that was much more refined than just naming the animal associated with the sign. This descriptive language used basic geometry as I described the tracks and their features as round, oval, or square. As we examined various proportions in relationship to one another, I’d often draw imaginary lines over the track in my mind’s eye. Using these geometric grids would often help me see how all the parts of the track were connected.

I literally started learning about geometry from drawing circles and lines in the sand. Although I did have geometry classes as a youngster, the subject never really clicked for me. At that point in my education, the material was not presented in a holistic way. It seemed to be a fragmentary subject that was focused on mathematical equations that I was not able to grasp. Unfortunately, I saw geometry as a utilitarian subject rather than a subject that opened me to deep contemplation of nature’s mysteries that united all scales of creation. 

Thankfully, Sacred Geometry held the seeds of awakening me to an interconnected perspective, for I had pretty much summed up geometry as a bad experience I had as a kid. However, as a pattern seeker, I could not help but notice these incredible geometric designs that held my attention and brought me into a quiet still place, a place of familiarity. I’d often experience this quiet place on the trail in nature while observing a track, where all that is, is the moment. Somehow these geometric patterns transported me to this peaceful place of mindful observation. However, after viewing these Images I never thought I’d learn to draw them, or ever discover that these patterns contained multidimensional forms that are the building blocks of the universe. I did not know any of that, yet I paid attention to these appealing patterns and knew that they were presenting me with a trail to follow. They were invitations to an initiation. 

And then it happened! One beautiful day while at a playground with my son near the ocean, I gazed upon a pattern that emerged before my eyes as sunlight streamed through tiny holes in a sheet of metal that was above my head. In front of me, the most iconic pattern in Sacred Geometry known as the Flower of Life, decorated the column. I stood in awe for a long while as I took in the image that was created from the light and shadow.  As simple as this event may sound, it stirred something in me, a sign, and in that moment I felt a shift and knew I’d accepted the invitation. Later that day I picked up a compass and straightedge and the tracker entered the wilds of geometry, finding hidden patterns in overlapping circles that resemble raindrops falling on a sea of infinite possibility.



Exploring and Drawing Sacred Geometry of the Natural World: A Five Part Online Course


People have written about birds for as long as there’s been written language. In this craft workshop, you will learn to be a stronger, more confident writer, and you will learn about what makes a piece of writing enjoyable to read.


The Flower of Life Blossoming in This New Era: A Free Introduction to Sacred Geometry



George Leoniak is an accomplished animal tracker whose interest in Sacred Geometry grew out of his close observation of patterns in the natural world that inspired him to seek out a vision of wholeness that unites science, art, and spirituality. George conducts an apprenticeship in wildlife tracking at his school the Mindful Tracker and another online apprenticeship in Sacred Geometry through his website Knew Geometry.

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